RAMCC Seal Corporate Carbon Footprint

On World Environmet Day, we are delighted to announce that Triquim has obtained the RAMCC Corporate Carbon Footprint Stamp.

With this partnership with RAMCC and Seamos Bosques, our company has been involved in the environmental cause by measuring its carbon footprint.

Based on this, we have obtained our first Inventory of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) that allows us to take actions to mitigate and compensate the carbon footprint and achieve the goal of being a Carbon Neutral Company.

The RAMCC Corporate Carbon Footprint Seal with one star confirms that Triquim has made a calculation and analysis report of its corporate carbon footprint with a tool prepared by RAMCC under the standards of ISO 14.064, GHG Protocol and IPCC Protocol which have been verified by a suitable technical team.

Despite being one of the greatest challenges humanity face nowadays, nations of the world have just been strongly faced this problem in the last decades.

We know that environmental care is vital to ensure sustainability.

Aware that climate change is the greatest environmental threat of this century, Triquim is actively committed to contribute and protect the environment from climate change.